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My Wife, Myself and Our Next Generation ...

A brief history of when, what, where & how I ended now

1 April 2003
I made a turning point in my life line. After spending more than 17 years (Jan 1986 - Apr 2003) away from my family, is time to head home. But, it won't be long before I will be going to a place even farther than Penang.

6 Jun 2003
City of Warriors East Java, here I come. I made my entry to Indonesia via Denpasar, Bali. From there, my wife to be and my in law to be (at that moment) are waiting for me and we board another flight to Surabaya.

9 Oct 2003
Few hours before we are supposed to take our wedding photos, I slipped and broke my shoulder plate. The doctor (A Balinese) said, I am lucky not to break the cup (I don't know the medical term for it) or I will need to undergo an operation. What a day! Thank God, I still able to pose my best for my once a lifetime wedding album the following day even have to endure the pain.

27 Dec 2003
Our greatest moment of our life and is our big day! A tiring but yet, very memorable ceremony. As the ceremony was held in Grand Ocean Surabaya, none of my friend turned up for a same reason, very costly journey.

1 Mar 2004
Saddest part of our life, our 1st embryo was called to face the Lord after 3 months. We had tried our best to shower our baby with our love, but The Lord has other plan for our baby. Is a heart breaking day but life still has to go on. We can go for another attempt.

Jan 2005
Thank God for his precious gift to us. His precious gift is the continuation of our next generation. My wife was tested positive for pregnancy! Still, we were still phobia of what happened to our first baby. For this time, we are extremely careful.

Oct 2005
After 9 months of waiting, our first princess is born via Caesar. Weighed 3.26 kg with a length of 52 cm, I guess is a bit too big for her mommy to deliver naturally? No matter what, we are thankful to God for his invaluable gift to mankind. Praise Lord!

Nov 2005
I am now officially a papa and you can call me Uncle! Is that a promotion? The delay in updating my homepage is due to my newborn princess house warming.

Allow me to introduce my daughter... my wife and our love chronology... and myself...

.:. My Dearest Wife...
Ethnic  : Chinese
Nationality  : Indonesia
Place of Birth  : Surabaya
Year of Birth  : 197x
Day - Month of Birth  : xx - 0x
Chinese Name Synonym  : Lin Qing Xia
Photo  :   

.:. Love Chronology...
1st sight  : 1 May
2nd sight  : 11 Nov
3rd sight  : 27 Dec
4th sight  : 16 Nov
5th sight  : 8 Feb
6th sight  : 6 June
Walk up the aisle  : 27 Dec  

.:. A bit about myself...

Ethnic  : Chinese
Nationality  : Malaysia
Place of Birth  : Bintangor
Year of Birth  : 197x
Day - Month of Birth  : 1x - 1x
Chinese Name Synonym  : Jackie Chan
Photo  :   



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